Eagles in London 2018

It’s a time that all British Eagles fans will talk about for years to come. The year their Philadelphia Eagles flew to London to play a regular season game. As the reigning Super Bowl champions. And they win. And the activities surrounding the entire weekend were freaking awesome. The Philadelphia Eagles UK fanbase grew. Friendships were formed.

This page is dedicated to that weekend.

UK Eagles fans in demand

Interviews on Philly TV, interviews by the Eagles, pictures with the Eagles-green Union Jack. It’s fair to say that UK Eagles fans were of huge interest to our friends across the pond. There was curiosity: how passionate are they and do they really know the sport and the team? There was bewilderment: “you stay up til what time watching the games?!”

Here are some of the highlights of the weekend.

The Super Bowl ring

Wearing Dave Spadaro’s Super Bowl ring. Meeting Brent Celek and Jon Doronbos.

Not a bad day indeed, Rich!

Philly TV

Here he is, minding his own business in Passyunk Avenue. Probably waiting for a cheesesteak. Next minute he’s being interviewed on live Philadelphia TV. Tough life!

British Eagles representing the UK Eagles fanbase on Fox29 Philly!


Pour me a pint, mate.

While Brent Celek was in Passyunk Avenue (flanked by Swoop and the Super Bowl trophy), we cheekily asked him to pour us a pint. And he obliged. And we have to say, not bad pouring skills!

Philadelphia Eagles video

Dave Spadaro was looking for UK Eagles fans to chat to. One watched the Eagles when they came over in the late 80s, one went to the Super Bowl, and two went to Philadelphia to watch the Super Bowl. Not a bad line up!

Fan gallery

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