By Anthony Bullick

Not only was I fortunate enough to attend the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, I had the opportunity to appear twice on BBC Radio 5 Live.

The first broadcast was a live interview on the Sunday morning breakfast show. I was interviewed alongside a UK Patriots fan and we were asked our thoughts on the NFL in the UK, how we got into the sport, and the Super Bowl itself.

The best part of that interview? When the show’s host Chris Warburon asked me the question: “…you’ve paid all that money to go out there and watch the Eagles lose, haven’t you?” My request to go back on the show after the Eagles was denied, ha!

Listen to the interview here:


I was then asked to record an audio diary, with clips just before the game, at half-time, and at full time. The station then cut it together and played it in full on the morning show after the Super Bowl.

Listen to the audio diary:

The BBC interviews followed on from an interview with Reuters, which was picked up by the likes of the Eurosport. Check out the story.