It’s with great excitement that we announce the merger of two of the UK’s most active and followed Philadelphia Eagles media outlets – The British and Irish Eagles (B & I Eagles) and the Next Man Up (NMU) Eagles podcast. We have three goals :

  1. To create the UK and Irish Eagles community of the future
  2. To grow the Eagles fanbase and fan engagement this side of the pond
  3. To bring you the best content, events and insights available outside of the US


British and Irish Eagles:

Founded in 2014, the B & I Eagles has grown to become a large focal point within the Eagles’ fanbase this side of the Atlantic, and pre-covid we saw giveaways, UK fan meet ups, fantasy leagues, podcasts and the first ever group trip to Philadelphia.

Next Man Up:

NMU started its podcast nearly a year ago to provide a new avenue for the fanbase to listen to and discuss opinions, games and breaking news on our beloved birds.


The future:

Both groups believe it’s the perfect opportunity to combine these vital aspects, which bring the UK and Ireland Eagles community together and provide us all with one single great environment for which to grow the Eagles fanbase.

To bring us all together in person and online is an important route for fans over here to enjoy supporting the Birds as they look to recreate another Super Bowl run.

The goals and ambitions of both brands are one and the same, and after many discussions, we are very excited that our two entities will be merging to form a more accessible, more relevant and more engaging entity for YOU, the fans.


What does this mean for you, the fans?

Together we are going to work hard to continue bringing you the same things you love, as well as additional exciting opportunities.


  • Frequent UK fan meet-ups across the UK and Ireland
  • Bigger and better giveaways
  • Trips to Philly as part of the new B & I Eagles/NMU community
  • Podcasts covering a range of topics and interviews with familiar names
  • Articles covering topical news and opinions
  • Online fan events with Eagles personalities
  • Fantasy Football with amazing prizes such as signed Eagles merch
  • B & I Eagles/NMU branded and official Eagles merchandise
  • Videos and graphics specific to our communal love of the Birds and game / player stats
  • Live Q&As and opinion polls to gauge how the UK/IRL fanbase really feels


What does this mean for both entities?

The British and Irish Eagles entity, which includes website and Twitter and Facebook accounts, will act as the main brand for the future, and the Next Man Up podcast will become the official podcast of the British and Irish Eagles.

Together, we will bring you not only weekly reviews and previews of the Birds, but also news of giveaways, meets and extra content to bring you closer to the Eagles than ever before.

The B & I Eagles will also enable the podcast to reach more of the fanbase and become a greater factor within the NFL UK/IRL Eagles community.


And much, much more…

This manifesto is formed from a communal love of the Eagles and the UK/IRL Fanbase and a symbiotic desire to create one of the top overseas NFL fanbases in order to bring you bigger and better content, greater access to the franchise we love, and represent you, the fans in connecting you to the Birds in ways never before achieved.

As part of our union and dedication to the Philadelphia Eagles overseas community, we also want to hear from you to find out what YOU want from us and what you would like to see us do to make your experience supporting the Eagles better and more enjoyable (although improving the results in preseason may just be out of our control!).

We look forward to bringing you the best and most current Eagles content in the future and also, GO BIRDS!

Yours Sincerely

Anthony, Liam, Mik and Phil

The new British and Irish Eagles, supported by Next Man Up.